Have the courage
to truly transform yourself.
To the extent you transform yourself is the extent you will transform how business is conducted.
How business  is conducted is the extent to which the world
will be transformed.


The Integral Business Forum offers a range of transformative workshops that will change forever how you see the world. The workshops are lead by some of the most original thinkers, artists and visionaries. Each workshop is a unique experience that takes participants on a life-changing journey.   

Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

The premise: How to use the experience of a Shakespearian play-- as reader, audience member or actor -- to gain insight into our business and personal lives, especially as we interact in an increasingly complex world-tapestry of economic and political forces. Enter a Shakespearian drama and learn from the inside-out, insights into how our personal dramas interact with political intrigue. The Bard's universal understanding of how the world really works is perhaps more useful and relevant to our times than all our modern psychology and economic texts. And as these insights impact our own lives, we develop a deeper resonance and enjoyment of Shakespeare.?

Shakespeare’s characters and stories are so rich and so true to life that they are a more accurate depiction of reality than any one-dimensional economic, political, psychological, or spiritual analysis would be on its own.