Executive Leadership Program 

The leaders of tomorrow are yet to be made. These leaders will learn new ways of thinking, creating new conceptual frameworks that do not yet exist, to solve the unprecedented challenges that humanity faces today.


Overall Program Goals: 

The Integral Business Forum Program brings together both pragmatic traditional business development goals with a deeper perspective. The program will give participants a working knowledge of how to integrate the following principles:

  • Business Development Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Finance Strategies
  • Managing Innovation
  • Customer Focus
  • Human Resource Management

The Executive Leadership Program is based on the principles:

  • The Importance of Work and Service to the Individual and Society

  • The Creation of Abundance

  • Poverty Traps and Income Inequities

  • Collaboration, Cooperation, Tolerance and Working with Diversity

  • Interdependence, Ecology and Stewardship

  • Sustainable Development and Resource Use

  • The Elements of Solving Complex Human Problems

  • Paradigms that Defuse Conflict, Generate Peace and Foster Harmony

  • The Spiritual Underpinnings of Leadership

  • Conducting Business with Integrity and Ethics

  • Living with Equanimity


Learning Objectives:

 Specifically, participants in the program will work toward the following:

  • Understand the true nature of work and one's role as productive members of society and how that is applied to their current business application..

  • Understand the relevance of having a strong service orientation towards others, and the benefits of engaging in voluntary, service-oriented projects that benefit sentient beings and the environment and how that translates into superior customer service.

  • Appreciate the concepts of abundance holistically and its impact on a businesses community, both locally and globally..

  • Recognize that appropriate human attitudes and actions can bring people out of poverty traps and thereby reduce the inequitable distribution of wealth.

  • Acquire the skills of working together, and collaborating with others from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

  • How to foster harmony in tone's personal and professional lives,

  • Understand the critical link that our Planet has with our own well-being, and how its health affects all life on Earth. Appreciate the role humans play in impacting the ecological balance of Earth.

  • Comprehend and apply simple steps that an individual and a business can do to pursue a life that preserve the environment and safe-guard the quality of life for generations unborn.

  • Use the principles and the tools of creative problem solving, assertive communications and teamwork to resolve human problems, including those that stem from a need for a sharing of resources (water, arable land, energy etc).

  • Understand that thoughts and paradigms that stimulate or create conflict, and deploy the individual and collective skills required for fostering harmony.

  • Recognize that conducting one’s personal affairs and business with authenticity, integrity and adherence to highest ethical standards strengthens society and creates conditions that benefit current and future generations.