East West Management Programs

The Integral Business Forum holds programs on all the functional areas of management, with special emphasis on cross-cultural themes. A special emphasis is placed on introducing business management philosophy, practices and cultures from Asia to Western organizations. The ultimate goal of all these programs is to drive performance parameters such as increase in revenue, productivity and improved quality and customer service, while maintaining a sustainable business model with a global perspective.  All the courses are interactive, experiential and help participants to exploit opportunities in their own areas of work.

The Integral Business Forum offers easy-to-understand and simple-to-execute training solutions. They are customized in a way that they are delivered at the right time and in a context that is aligned with the client organization's vision, mission, philosophy, values and the issues at hand.

Each program developed by NestLogics is supported by research and the development of rich resource material for participants. Key theories are explored, developed and practiced in every learning event.

The faculty mix usually comprises academicians and practicing business men and women, all well-known and respected individuals. All programs are planned by full-time faculty members, after an assessment of the needs of the participating companies and organizations.
NestLogics has designed and assisted in the implementation of several interventions to meet the specific needs of client organizations. Through various programmes and initiatives, it has helped various organizations and managers to respond to the realities of today’s global marketplace.

Company-specific programs

In today's intensely competitive business scenario, the key role of a manager is to make decisions in a dynamic environment and be prepared to face and respond to the consequences of these decisions, in a background of diverse and often conflicting demands and dimensions of business. Managers and future leaders need to have an insight into marketing, financial and operational decision-making, the role of each of the teams handling these areas and the interdependence of these dimensions in running a successful business enterprise.

Customized solutions

These are assessed through diagnostic studies based on the data collected through research. The Integral Business Forum also offers customized solutions and services to organizations with reference to specific problems they encounter.

The Integral Business Forum also offers in-company training and consultancy in varied management disciplines. Organizations gain from the faculties’ expertise gained through working with different organizations. Emphasis in consultancy assignments is on getting involved in implementation and taking responsibility for recommendations